Cordelia Bruisant de Couer

Nondescript at first, but fierce and brilliant, this young spellcaster is not to be trifled with.


Wizard, Staff implement. Paragon: Battle Mage


Cordelia is from the Illysian Academy, a mercenary academy of Wizards nestled high in the brutal mountains of Atelius. As a child, it was her family’s honor to have her taken from them at a very young age, and put into the academy to become one of the red-cloaked mercenary magi. Her childhood was made up intense, often brutal, training as a wizard. Any time for childish exploration and entertainment was almost entirely denied to her. She had one close friend, who became something of a lover: Edmund. However, in one of their final examinations, she killed him. While this was not something to be desired, it was also something not unexpected. What was unexpected was her reaction: Using her alchemical skills, she trapped his soul in the body of a Homunculus. He travels with her to this day.

After her testing, she was sent on a mission with a few of her classmates. Cordelia originally had no idea why she was being sent on this expedition, but after her compatriots were all slaughtered by denizens of undeath, she soon found out: She was to retrieve a holy relic, and return it to her academy. She decided to use the heroes she was traveling with to help her retrieve item, which turned out to be a sacred weapon used by a hero of the past to entrap a general of Orcus: Thelsa Nailo, the sword of Tymorrilin, the most famous Elven Paladin.

Though she betrayed her new companions trust by teleporting them all back to Illysia without their knowing, she finally turned her back on her own school to aid them in their quest, and helped them escape the academy with the sword. Now her once completely practical and emotionless countenance is slowly beginning to melt a little. Though still imminently objective and serious, she has, on occasion, shown great concern for allies, beyond that of simple practicality.

Cordelia is the mind of the party: She always has a plan at the ready, and is often the person to lead the party in the right direction when their minds are clouded by passion.


Cordellia was born in Illysia to parents in the Servant Quarter, akin to an upper-class family of slaves. Academy scouts recruited her at the age of 5 when she showed potential in their testing. She left her family, who were proud to have one of their own rise in rank, and never looked back. Her early years in the Academy bread her into a fierce yet not cruel student. Living in Illysia her whole life, there never seemed to be any malice behind her competition with the students, even when it involved violence.

Young potential wizards are all quartered together in large barracks’s, usually under the eye of a senior student. It is a strange environment to those unfamiliar with Illysian customs – the friendships and rivalries are always at the whim of the masters. Though students usually do not have to fear being killed in training until they are 13, they are encouraged to scrap to the top of the class by any means necessary. A listing of rank is always in sight and constantly monitored. As many students succumb to pressure as they do mortal dangers.

But despite all this, most maintain what outsider’s could at least generously recognize as a “normal life.” Cordellia grew up with her share of friends, although trust is seldom given between anyone. Cordellia grew close with an Eladrin girl, Selania, and the two managed to remain close, even after being pitted in competition against each other on more than one occasion. At the age of 10, the students are moved into dormitories, where Cordellia shared a room with a young ogre student, Gorthub. Though they never particularly liked each other, they gave each other a respectful professional distance (However, when Gorthub was angry, he was given to threatening to eat Cordellia if she did not stay to her side of the room). At the age of 15, she had a brief, young relationship with a fellow student, Edmond, before the instructors paired them to duel for a final exam in her 16th year. Cordellia emerged victorious, and, in what was considered a very un-Illysian act of compassion, preserved Edmond’s soul in a clay homunculus. The two remained very close, though the instructors disapproved of such whims of emotion.

In her 17th year, Cordellia, one of the higher ranked students, was given the opportunity to join an expedition to recover an artifact, lead by senior student, Dovian. She was assigned her own Shield maiden for protection and struck off in high hopes of returning to find herself eligible to take the final test for the position of full Mage.

Cordelia Bruisant de Couer

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