Nex Umbra

A scarred renegade assassin of the city-state Belcove


Rogue, Brutal Scoundrel build Paragon: Raven Herald Weapon: +3 Vicious Daggers


The orphaned elf Nex was brought up in the city-state of Belcove as a trained assassin. Though he excelled at his job, he soon eventually found it distasteful, for reasons that are yet unnamed. Whatever the reason, he fled, leaving behind his vicious past and eventually found himself in the tri-town area of The Valley of Moss, hopping between the cities of Belevire and Piedmont.

After only a year there, the city of Piedmont was nearly demolished by an Undead force. Together with three new companions, Nex rid the city of necrotic filth, and discovered that his destiny may be larger than he ever imagined.

Recently Nex has taken to the worship of the Raven Queen, and she in turn, has looked upon him as a strong agent in her war against Orcus and his minions. After all, few of her clerics delivery as many wayward souls to her realm as Nex has…

Grim, Pious, and with a keen sense of humor, Nex has not given up the path of assassin; he has only focused it on a more noble road, effected by his new found devotion, and by his new friends, who has had developed a real bond with.

Nex is the Hand of the group: rarely brash, but determined and effective whenever he makes his decision. Nex is hardly ever found ambivalent about anything.

Nex Umbra

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