Roland Ardensmith

A cheerful, naive, and attractive Bard


Roland was born in the Valley of Moss, in the town of Belevire to a human male named Geoffry and and a beautiful elven woman. His mother died when he was quite young, and his father remarried another elf; it appeared he had “elven-fever”. With his new bride he had Roland’s half-sister, Mara.

Roland was never content living in the valley, and would often dream of adventuring, of telling the tales of great heroes, and living his own as well! He passed the time in his dreary town charming the petticoats off of every attractive young maiden he could, writing poetry, and listening in on the stories told by adventurers in his father’s pub, The Stone Rose.

His life changed forever one day, when the town of Piedmont was besieged by forces of the undead. When three heroes showed up to cleanse the town of zombies and other necrotic evils, Roland joined them. After cleaning out the town’s graveyard, Roland also decided to accompany the heroes, against his father’s wishes, to the great library of the east, in order to determine why the undead had come into this humble valley. At the library, Roland discovered his true destiny, and has been traveling with Nex, Cordelia, and Ander ever since, recording their adventurers and aiding in whatever way he can. While Nex may be the Hand of the group, Cordelia the Mind, and Ander the Soul, Roland is without doubt the Heart of the group. Though his brashness may get them in trouble from time to time, they would no doubt be lost in the darkness without the beam of light and humor that is Roland.

Roland Ardensmith

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