Cresswell and The Wilds

Cresswell is one of the largest cities of the north, dwarfed only by Belcove. Nestled in a cove in the northern part of The Dragon’s Maw, Cresswell is at the receiving end of a large and hot current in the ocean, giving it and its surrounding area a humid and warm climate. This fact, and its elevation at sea-level, gives the area its many marshy forests, wetlands, and swamps. It’s also marked by three small mountainous areas, all of which are covered in rice paddies.

While Cresswell is the largest city in the area, it is certainly not the only one. Scattered throughout the surrounding marshes and forest are “The Wilds”, a collection of small villages and hamlets. Each town is protected by two rangers, a master and apprentice, which form a loose organization known only as The Rangers. Varis, an elf living in the area’s largest town, Sanctuary, is the group’s unofficial leader, along with Var Ulf, a human fighter who is fast friends with the elf. The towns tend to view each other favorably, while looking down somewhat on the “city folk”. The citizens of Cresswell, in turn, tend to look upon the “Wilders”, as they are known, with some amount of trepidation and distaste. Life in The Wilds tends to be harsh, and why anyone would choose that is a mystery to the folks of Cresswell. Through-out the many streams and the two majors rivers of the areas float the ever-nomadic halfling tribes, trading and bartering with the city-folk and Wilders alike.

Cresswell’s government is made up of three tiers of government senators, generally a mix between the town’s human and eladrin population. Grand Senator Mindartis is one notable senator. The eladrin is very popular and well-loved in town for cleaning up the slums and aiding relations with the Wilders. Furthermore, he and Var, together with a fallen hero named Lysander Knox, were responsible for saving the entire region from an invasion of Foulspawn from the Far Realm some twelve years ago.

Vital Statistics:

Races: Human 60% Eladrin 13%, Elf 10%, Halfling 10%, Other 7%

Monsters: Alligators, Lizardfolk, Trolls, Dragons (black), Snakes, Bullwugs, Wyverns, Predatory Vines

Cresswell and The Wilds

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