The Valley of Moss

The Valley of Moss, as it has recently been named, rests between the harsh Eastern mountains of the Dawn Coast, and a small range of mountains in the North-West. To its South West the valley is protected by a large lake.

The Valley is home to three closely allied cities: The farming and fishing city of Belevire in the south is the largest. North-East of it, halfway between the two mountain ranges and below one of the two major rivers in the valley, running west to east, is the city of Piedmont. And in the North-Western mountain range is the Dwarven Community of Nashtir.

Since their founding the cities have been closely allied, and together form a loose sort of kingdom. The only point in which the towns were not unified was during the schism, when two brothers, Edmund Aramel of Piedmont and Jon Aramel of Belevere were bitterly furious at one another. When their father had become a dictator, Edmund had the courage to kill him. It took the presence of five heroes and a evil plot against the townships to reunite the brothers; Sadly, Jon was killed soon afterward in battle alongside his brother and the heroes.

Edmund is still king of Piedmont, though sadly the town has been ravaged recently by the necrotic forces of Orcus. The sturdy citizens have been rebuilding their town and their lives.

Belevire is the largest and most welcoming of the cities. The ancient circular castle at the top of the large hill was discovered by Richard Aramel, the grandfather of the two brothers, and the city was founded around it. Now it is ruled by the benevolent, if untrained, hand of Kael, a Tiefling who was Aramel’s captain.

Nashtir is a town built into the mountain itself, as many dwarven towns are. It’s ruled over by King Orsik and his Queen Kathra. Orsik himself is a dwarf from the past, having traveled 400 years into the future for the battle discussed above. He has found that his destiny was to end up here, strange as that might be.

The area has long been plagued by bandits, mostly made of humans and orc, that patrol the necessary trade routes between towns.

Vital Statistics:

Major Products: Belevire: Grain, Fish, Cotton, Corn Piedmont: Meat, Dairy, Fish Nashtir: Metals, Ale, Whiskey * Major Races:* Humans (80% or more in Piedmont and Belevire), Dwarf (100% in Nashtir), Elf (10-15%, mostly in Belevire), Tiefling (Kael), Halfling (1-5%, mostly Belevire), Others (1-4%),

Major Monsters: Orcs, Ogres, Goblinoid, Giants (mostly Hill, in the mountains), Gnolls (Mostly in the easter parts), Dragons (Mostly green, in the forest beneath Nashtir), Kobolds, Spiders, Ankhegs

East of Belevire, in the plains. Towards the Eastern Mountains The Valley of Moss

The Mountains of Nashtir Grindelwald

The Valley of Moss

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